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By KingIsulgard, 22 August at 12:23
Website down for 24 hours

Due to the domain migrating to another registrar, the site might be down for 48 hours max depending on where you live. The site will remain operational in the meantime, but might not be reachable.

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By KingIsulgard, 21 March at 22:49
More production with construction

An entire type of new product has been added to the game together with lots of new products and industries!
Most of the new products and industries are part of the construction sector. This will allo...

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By KingIsulgard, 03 January at 18:09
The sky is no longer the limit!

Some backend changes and tweaks have been performed to remove the maximum number of units, warehouses, storage units, and bonds a user can hold. From now on companies can grow indefinitely.

For tho...

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By KingIsulgard, 22 October at 0:36
Bonds have been revised

There have been several changes to the bond system.

The simplest one is that "nominal value" is now more accurately called "principal".

Additionally, interest rates have been revised to balance...

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By KingIsulgard, 08 July at 18:52
Game rebalancing and more!

Hello all,

I have been quite busy rebalancing the game. After revising all product prices, all the industries have to be rebalanced as well. Since I had to do all of them I wrote a new configuratio...

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By KingIsulgard, 25 May at 17:04
Meet the meat industry

You can't live on Corn and Wheat only, most people like a good piece of meat. So a new range of new products and industries have been added. Mostly in the farming sector.

Add products:
- Fruit

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By KingIsulgard, 18 May at 15:13
Added consumer products and industries

Lately, I have been working on making the game mobile-friendly. But that doesn't mean other additions on the game are on hold.

The game has been expanded with an extra product type "Consumer produ...

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By KingIsulgard, 07 January at 21:18
Removed voting

Due to the short life span of voting sites, causing high rotation, and the high maintenance of the voting system, I have decided to remove the voting feature. From now on, voting is no longer available.

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By KingIsulgard, 09 December at 20:54
No more freeloading

I have added an extra column to the conglomerate subsidiaries table which shows how much a player has contributed to the conglomerate treasure. From now on all donations are logged fairly.

More ne...

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By KingIsulgard, 22 October at 11:10
Server down 12 hours

Due to a security update going wrong last night, the server crashed beyond repair and had to be completely reset.
Fortunately, I made a backup right before the update, which enabled me to restore all...

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