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By KingIsulgard, Mon 18 May 2020 15:13
Added consumer products and industries

Lately, I have been working on making the game mobile-friendly. But that doesn't mean other additions on the game are on hold.

The game has been expanded with an extra product type "Consumer products" and a new sector "Manufacturing" which produces consumer goods. Connected to that, the farming sector has also been expanded and modernized with new machinery such as tractors and harvesters.

The following products have been added:
- Raw milk
- Glass bottles
- Bottled milk
- Aluminum cans
- Tires
- Harvesters
- Tractors
- Flour
- Cheese
- Butter
- Bread

The following industries have been added:
- Tire factory
- Tractor factory
- Harvester factory
- Aluminum can factory
- Glass bottle factory
- Dairy farm
- Pasteurization farm
- Grain mill
- Cheese factory
- Butter factory
- Bakery

The farming sectors have been updated to include tractors and harvesters and now require gasoline as input too. This has been balanced by increasing the output of these sectors to maintain a solid ROI.

Even more sectors and products will follow soon. The consumer products and farmin sector will be expanded even more very soon and will lead to the addition of even another type of sector to the game.

Stay tuned for more products, sectors and industries!


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