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Enjoy playing this game? Why not show your appreciation by making a small donation!

We are doing our very best to frequently improve this game and keep things up and running. And all that, for free!

Still we have costs to cover, and they grow as this game grows.

That's why we welcome all donations with open arms!

But wait, there are perks to being a donator!

Every player who donates €10.00 or more will be officially receive a "donator" status. Which entitles you to the following extra features:

  • Donators will no longer see ads and will always see the extra user data on the right.
  • You will receive 5 game coin per donated euro which you can use to trade for specials.
  • You'll be able to view company information of other players via their profiles.
  • You'll get a serious tax reduction! The edges of the tax brackets have been increased, causing you to fall in a higher tax bracket far later.
  • You'll get to manage your used storage system from the start instead of having to wait till your company has grown.
  • As a donator you will receive an additional 1 XP per minute on top of your regular XP income!
  • Donators can transfer money and XP to other players!
Yup! You convinced me allright! But how do I become a donator?

At this moment we can only accept donations via our paypal account. To donate please click the "Donate" button below, fill in the amount you want to donate and follow the instructions paypal gives you.

To speed things up to get what your are entitled, please send a contact message or mail us at info[at]businessgame.be and give us the following information:

  • The email address you used to make the donation.
  • Your username on businessgame.
  • Feel free to add suggetions for game coins features.
  • And don't forget to mention that businessgame is awesome! :)
Please note that the donator status only last for the current round! You will have to donate again next round if you want to keep enjoying those perks! You'll receive a permanent donatorship if you donate 35.00 euros or more at once. Your donator status will be permanent and thus remain through every round!


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Enjoy the game? Why not make a donation?

Donators receive:

  • No more ads
  • Game coins
  • A tax cut
  • Faster XP
  • And more...

Become a donator!

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