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By KingIsulgard, Thu 22 Oct 2020 0:36
Bonds have been revised

There have been several changes to the bond system.

The simplest one is that "nominal value" is now more accurately called "principal".

Additionally, interest rates have been revised to balance the different types of bonds more fairly.

The most impactful change is the market price. To avoid massive rankings inflation from bonds, bonds will no longer impact rankings instantly. Instead of accounting for the principal value of the bond, the "market price" value will be used to calculate the value of your bonds in the rankings.

This market price will evolve overtime based on the number of days that are left until the bond expires. If the bond nears expiration, the market price will also near the principal value. When a new bond is bought, the market price will be equal to the issue price, as time goes by, the market price will adjust every day (at midnight) and move close to the principal value.

This adjustment happens linearly. If I buy a bond for 10K with a principal of 12K, and the maturity is 10 days. The market price will start at 10K, and increase by 200 each day, until the day of expiration where it will be valued at 12K.


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