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By KingIsulgard, 24 April at 0:36
It's Super Sunday!

It's Sunday!

Most people use that day to relax and rest from a busy week... But not the die hard businessmen!
Instead of having a lazy Sunday they use this quite day to get work done!

From now ...

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By KingIsulgard, 08 April at 13:08
It's Tax Free Friday!

It's Friday!

Which means most of you are probably already looking forward to the weekend, not really focussed at work.

The FTA (Federal Tax Agency) agents are no different from you and me.


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By KingIsulgard, 03 April at 15:07
Invest in your conglomerate!

Hi all,

You are now able to make deposits in your conglomerate, making it bigger!

Every conglomerate level increases the maximum amount of subsidiaries in your conglomerate!

Add more friends,...

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By KingIsulgard, 02 April at 11:57
Reduced taxes

Usually when Congress meets, taxes go up.
Not today!

The long ignored voice of the people has been heard and taxes have been revised.

The 70% and 80% tax bracket have been omitted.
For donat...

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By KingIsulgard, 20 March at 13:57
Voting is back up!

You should now be able to vote again on Businessgame.be through the voting sites.

Since the voting system had issues with the HTTPS security, voting will now occur on the non-secured http://vote.bu...

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By KingIsulgard, 19 February at 14:09
Shoutbox is back!

Because of the large amount of chatters in the past, which the server could not handle, the shoutbox had been offline for a few weeks.

I am happy to announce a new system is now in place which allo...

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By KingIsulgard, 08 February at 22:04
Businessgame is now SSL secured

We have improved the security of the website by encrypting all communications over SSL.

From now on the browser will always display a green lock next to the URL to assure you your connection is sec...

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By KingIsulgard, 13 December at 18:12
Promote or demote your board members

Some of you had mentioned problems with accepting new recruits in their conglomerates. I was fully aware of this problem but want to postpone releasing the new script until I also successfully impleme...

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By KingIsulgard, 07 December at 0:28
Join forces!

From now on you are able to join forces with your friends and push each other to the limit!

Conglomerates introduce a new edge to the game with a completely new social aspect to the game.

Join f...

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By KingIsulgard, 29 October at 18:10
When broke the court will declare bankruptcy

From now on when your company reaches a total assets value of below zero the court will impose bankruptcy upon your company and you will lose all assets. Forcing you to restart the game.

This is an...

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