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Businessgame news
By KingIsulgard, 12 February at 17:44
New round, new rules

Hi all,

A new round has been started. This round will be a lightning round, no XP or engineering level is required to unlock sectors.

Have fun!

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By KingIsulgard, 05 January at 21:24
Server back online

Hi all,

After some struggling the server is back online.

To make up for the lost time, Thursday till Sunday will be tax free days!

Also be sure to claim the last speed gift to get 5 extra ga...

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By KingIsulgard, 28 August at 20:16
A new round has started!

Don't miss the brand new round!
A new round has started, this is the perfect opportunity for you to steal rank 1!

Top 5 of the previous round:
01. [url="https://businessgame.be/profile/ShoppyT"]S...

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By KingIsulgard, 14 August at 14:57
The round has been cut by 2 weeks

Since I will be on holidays during September, I have decided to cut this round's length by 2 weeks.

The round will now end on August 28 instead of September 11.

The new round will also come wit...

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By KingIsulgard, 25 July at 20:56
Closed the trash and waste glitch

Because of massive abuse of an exploit with trash to achieve hyper growth, I have made some changes to the market system.

The amount of trash/wastewater/radioactive waste you can buy is now limited...

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By KingIsulgard, 13 July at 23:09
Go wild with the new ranch

In addition to the other farming sectors, we are happy to introduce you another new sector the "Ranch".

The Ranch will breed cows, all you have to do is supply the food. Of course that food has to ...

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By KingIsulgard, 12 July at 23:26
Introducing the farming sectors

In addition to the new Farming and Forestry I am happy to introduce to you the new Wheat and Corn farm.

Together with these sectors come 2 new products, Corn and Wheat, which can already be traded ...

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By KingIsulgard, 11 July at 23:40
Farming and forestry

I'm glad to announce to you all a new upcoming industry: Farming and Forestry.

At the moment, the industry only contains the forestry sectors "Tree farm" and "Sawmill".

All existing Christmas t...

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By KingIsulgard, 10 July at 16:27
Introducing the Pallet factory

I'm happy to introduce to you all a new sector.

Since many of you have been trading pallets without there actually being a sector linked to it, I decided to create a new sector: the pallet factory!...

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By KingIsulgard, 20 May at 22:48
Chat with your conglomerate!

I am happy to announce the release of the conglomerate chat.

On the conglomerate page you can now see a private chat, for all members of the conglomerate only.
Discuss strategies and ideas in private.

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