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Tutorial Getting started

Hi new investor!

This small mini tutorial will help you to get started with businessgame.be!

You have just received an initial capital of €250,000.00.

Of course, you are a die hard business(wo)man and you are not happy with that small amount. That's why you are going to invest it to become one of the most wealthiest persons on businessgame.

In this small tutorial we will explain everything you need to know to run your company.

Tutorial Units

The production units are the producing parts of your company. There exist 89 types of industries.

If you don't hire an engineer, your industries might break down once in a while. You will need to repair them to produce with this industry again.

Tutorial Storage

Warehouses are used to store your goods.

You can increase the capacity per warehouse by upgrading the warehouse level.

Tutorial Market

Production requires certain input goods which can be bought on the market page.

A small transport fee will be charged each time you trade on the market.

Please notice that you need to pay to dispose trash or wastewater! Trash and wastewater are a cost!

Tutorial Bank

You can take a loan at the bank up to €50,000.00.

You will have to pay a daily interest, the interest rates are mentioned on the contract.

You can increase your loan limit by upgrading your bank level.

Tutorial Bonds

You are able to hold bonds. When a bond get issued the issuer is obliged to pay interest (the coupon) and/or to repay the nominal value at a later date, defined by the termed maturity, to the holder. Thus the bond is like a reversed loan.

Tutorial Office

To have extra advantages you can hire staff. With good staff managing you can really make your company much more profitable.

The abilities they have are explained on the office page.

Tutorial Turns

An activated industry will produce goods.

A turn occurs every minute, which you can follow up by watching the timer at the top.

The turn costs for the production and the units are subtracted automaticly from your cash.

To produce, you need a certain amount of input goods. You can see which ones you need when you click on the industries name on the units page.

Every turn you will also receive 2 experience points which you can use to unlock industries or upgrades. You will receive 2 XP extra when you are online.

Tutorial Finance

Of course, like in any country, profitable companies will have to pay taxes.

The taxes will be subtracted from your account automatically.

To keep track of your profits and taxes, you can view the results on the finance page.

Tutorial Gifts

Once in a while you'll receive a little gift for special occasions.

If you want to receive a daily gift boost by email you can sign up for the daily gift. Just go to the gift page and follow the instructions.

Tutorial Summary

That's it! You are now ready to enter the tough world of business!

For more information try the Wikia page which can be found at the bottom right of each page.

Good luck!


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